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  • New Forklifts

    Distribution of high-quality, reliable forklifts at affordable prices.

  • Forklift Repairs

    Our brand independent services are available to our customers 24 hours a day.

  • Forklift Parts

    We are able to provide parts for almost every forklift in circulation.

  • Used Forklifts

    Trade of quality used forklifts.


Our company, Targotechnika 2001 Ltd. was founded in 1995, whose predecessor was since 1992 was Targépker Ltd. Our business is an enterprise is a 100% Hungarian owned and the main goal of our establishment was to provide high quality, customer oriented, brand independent forklift services and parts. Our dynamically developing company opened its new site at Törökszentmiklós to be able to serve our rural customers even faster. With our service vehicles and highly skilled mechanics we are available to our customers every hour of every day.


Brand independent

targonca javítás

Our brand independent service has state-of-the-art vehicles and highly skilled experts available for our existing partners and our prospective clients.

Technical Inspections of Forklifts

targonca műszaki vizsgálat

Our company undertakes periodic technical inspections of all types of forklifts and the professional preparation of all needed documentation.

Forklift Renting

targonca bérlés

We primarily recommend this option to our clients who have lower material handling tasks and thus do not need to maintain a larger forklift fleet.

Manual Material Handling

kézi anyagmozgatás

One of the most commonly used tools for handling materials is the hydraulic hand pallet truck (commonly known as the dog or the jiggle). Our company can help you find the right hand pallet truck for your actual needs.