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Targotechika 2001 Ltd. is a brand independent forklift service with more than 25 years of experience, employing excellent professionals and modern tools to provide the best possibilities for our old and new partners alike. We undertake the repair and regular maintenance of nearly all forklifts and material handling trucks.

Keep in mind that the repair costs of forklifts and material handling trucks can be greatly reduced through regular maintenance. We provide optimal solutions, as our prices are competitive and predictable, without hidden costs.

Our services are available throughout the country. Be it small businesses or big companies, we try to satisfy every possible need.

Some examples of what we offer during the regular maintenance work:

Propulsion system, hydraulics, engine, steering servo oil level checks / refills
Fluid level checks / refills
Brake wires, pull rods and main brake-cylinder checks / calibrations
Steering axle, steering gear checks
Checking of the backlash of the lifting device and the forklift mast
Checking of the backlash of the sliding parts.
Checking of the hose coupling
Handling lever oiling and checking of calibration
Checking of electrical equipment, checking of fixedness of cable connections and couplings.
Battery acid level checks / refills
Service brake and parking brake function test / without measurement
Checking of the integrity and interoperability of grease points
Checking of steering gear oil level
Visual inspection of the wheel heads, checking of the retaining screws of the axle stubs
Lubrication of the side propulsion system
Checking of the lifting chain and the lifting mast according to the Hungarian Standards Institution (MSZ).
Checking of security equipment

We await you with our services in 2018!